Kendo Podcast Episode 16: Kendo, Death and Hope

An article made me talk about this. In this episode,  I would like to talk about kendo, death and hope.

The article that gave me a chance to talk about this:

Hidehisa Nishimura (All Japan Champ) who works for Kumamoto Pref. Riot Police Units shares his experience of Kumamoto Earthquakes, “It is very difficult to shift my mindset as a member of the Riot Police Units to a kendoist. It is true that I feel pressure in kendo. If I lose, I might be criticised. But we won’t die by losing in shiai, will we? But my work to save people’s lives was side by side with death. I was overwhelmed by that fear and could not get over it and practice kendo.” p.57 Kendo Nippon Magazine 2016 August Issue. Translated by Masahiro Imafuji

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