Kendo Podcast 20: The Meanings of Kakegoe and Kata

In this episode, I am sharing the meanings of kakegoe and thoughts on Kata.
Why do you think we take jodan in the very first kata? Why do you think we strike kote while your opponent’s sword is right in front of you?
Let’s give it a bit of a thought. 

Kendo Podcast Episode 19: Wanna Learn Real Kendo and Meaning of Ippon?

Two interesting topics in this episode. This was a question from  a sensei to a student, “Do you want to learn shiai kendo or real kendo?”.  And also there was an interesting topic, “Does ippon mean a point?”.

What do you think, guys?

Kendo Podcast Episode 18: Do We Need to Do Fumikomi?

Fumikomi is a big issue for a lot of kendo practitioners.  Have you ever practiced suburi with fumikomi? Unless that kind of fumikomi suburi is made, we really don’t have suburi to practice fumikomi. OK, let’s get into the issue!

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