Episode 137: Think Outside the Box

It’s not “think out of the box”, is it? Well, sorry about that! Alex Bennett sensei visited the dojo I instruct over the Thanksgiving weekend. We did keiko as well. Two training methods will be definitely come to you in the Patreon members’ area. I have some kata videos as well. So please hang in there.

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Episode 136: How Do You Deal with Failure in Kendo Exams?

Have you failed an exam before? I have! When you fail, how do you deal with yourself? After that, what are you going to do? What is the exam in kendo or martial arts? Find out in the podcast!

Episode 135: Should Shinpan Be Certified?

Do you think shinpan should be certified? I received a question from a member at Patreon.Com if there was a test for shinpan. I thought that was a great question! All the federations strive to hold shinpan (referees in Japanese) seminars and we attend to polish our shinpan skills. Isn’t that enough? I had a vote going at Facebook see the result here.



Episode 134: Bow or Not Bow Due to Religious Belief?

What do you think about not bowing to your training partners or opponents in shiai because of their religious beliefs?

Thanks to the kendo community I enjoyed the discussion we had on this topic at Kendo-Guide.Com FanPage. You can see the poll on the right top corner of the video.


Episode 133: Studying Multiple Martial Arts and Multiple Kamae in Kendo

One of the members here at Patreon.com, Eric Favre, gave me good questions at the post, “Thanks to you!“. There are two questions.

What are the benefits and traps of

  • practising multiple martial arts and
  • multiple kamae in kendo?

Good questions, right?

I hope you enjoy the podcast.