Podcast Episode 154: No More Violence

In this episode, I am sharing my thoughts on violence in kendo. I just don’t understand why some people think it’s OK to hurt others in kendo. I just don’t get it. No more violence in kendo.

Episode 153: Kendo of High Grade Holders by Tani sensei

I am sharing an article, Kendo of High Grade Holders by Katsuhiko Tani sensei (8-dan, Hanshi), from Kendo Jidan Magazine 2019 April, #564 issue. 

Reference: Suri-Kaburi Part 1, Suri-Kaburi with a Partner.

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Episode 152: Thoughts after Shiai and Shinsa

In this episode, I want to share my thoughts after watching shinsa and shiai. Everytime we have shiai and shinsa, some issues always arise. Always the same kinds: shinpan skills and criteria to pass or fail. We just cannot talk about the problems all the time. Let’s talk about solution!

Episode 151: Discipline vs Opportunities for Your Promotion Exam

Tell me your opinion. What do you want your teacher to do before your exam?  Situation. You are thinking to take a promotion exam soon. But you need a signature from your teacher because that is your federation rule.

How do you ask?

  • Can I take the promotion exam?
  • Do you think I have abilities of the grade (that you are going for)?

Episode 150: Why Is It Important to Get Struck in Kendo?

In this episode, I want to share how and why it is important to get struck in kendo. 

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[Reference] Makete Narumonoka: I shall not lose.