Podcast 60: Beginners, Don’t Take it Personally

In this episode, I want to share my advice with beginners. You need to know something about your instructor 🙂

Do you agree?

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 60: Beginners, Don’t Take it Personally

  1. Nice pod cast. I like this subject. Student retention seems to have always been a problem with kendo in the USA. I feel a lot of it and is from US mentality and ideology is very different than Japan.

    • Thank you, David. This is a serious problem. I have been living outside of Japan for almost 25 years but I still cannot figure out the key to get the students stay.

      Like you said they need a reason to stay. I feel responsible and powerless when I cannot give them one. But after all, it is what they want, not what we or kendo can give them.

      But still I am in this process of getting some answers to how we can keep them in the kendo world.

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