Kendo Podcast Episode 13: Improving Your Kendo in Jigeiko and Shiai

In this episode, we are talking about how we can improve our kendo in jigeiko and shiai without distorting your posture.

It is very common that your beautiful basics are thrown out of window when you do jigeiko and shiai. Why do you think that is? Find out the reasons and how you overcome that!

Finally out! Thank you for being patient. My back is not quite there yet but it is getting better! I can sit and type now!

2 thoughts on “Kendo Podcast Episode 13: Improving Your Kendo in Jigeiko and Shiai

  1. Dear Sensei Hiro
    thank you very much for the 13. Podcast, I have a question about the planning the next moving, if there is no time, how do you do this? I personally see my opponent directly to the eyes when we are in sonkyo and feel the rush,
    I do not think, to plan a strategy is to let it flow?

    Dear Sensei be safe and keep walking, happy weekend!
    Thank you very much

    Harald Welzel

    • Thank you for your comment and question. The key is how you can keep yourself and the fighting spread going at the same time. It is okay to feel the rush but it is not okay to be controlled by it. That is why you have to train as many times as you can with different types of people. Especially you have to choose to train with people whom you are not good at dealing with.

      People tend to choose to train with those whose kendo matches their kendo. They feel good when they train with these people. But if you choose those people whose kendo is different from yours, you don’t really feel good with doing kendo with them. In other words, you get frustrated. It is not because you don’t like them but your kendo and your opponent kendo are so different that you cannot do what you want to do. Now that is frustrating, isn’t it?

      When you get frustrated, you tend to get angry. When you get angry you cannot control yourself. And here comes real training. When you feel frustrated or angry, shout a lot. Exhale all the anger out of your system and turn that into your energy. Of course, you cannot do that right away but you have to train yourself to do that.

      In this way, all the planning you did it before the fight will pay off. It might not work but at least you can do it because you can stay calm with full of kiai.

      Did you listen to one of my podcast, “Breaking through the wall“? If not, please do!


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