Episode 02: Winning in Kendo

How do you think we can win in kendo? Do you think hitting a target is winning in kendo? If yes, then why people say “it is not about hitting targets in kendo”. If no, then how do we know who’s won or lost?

In this episode, I want to talk about “What is Winning in Kendo?Episode 01: A Sign of Your Loss is related to this episode.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 02: Winning in Kendo

  1. Hello Hiro, hope all is well. Thank you for you first talk on “sign of your loss “At the moment I’m struggling with matching strike and footwork, while trying to move more from the hip while not breaking straight posture and limit over use of arms pushing forward in my strike action. Would it be possible to discuss this issue please. Yours Sincerely
    Shaun Rogerson

    • Thank you for your comment!
      Sure! I will talk about it!
      The next podcasts (Episode 5 and 6) has bee already recorded and ready to be published.
      An answer to your question will be after those episodes. Sorry about the inconvenience.
      You will see your question in description of the episode when it comes out.

      Thank you again!


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