Episode 150: Why Is It Important to Get Struck in Kendo?

In this episode, I want to share how and why it is important to get struck in kendo. 

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[Reference] Makete Narumonoka: I shall not lose.

Episode 149: How to Make a Plan for Your Next Step?

In this episode, I am sharing 1. the mindset you should have in shiai and shinsa (exam) and 2. How to make a plan for your next step.

Kendo is to train yourself so you can keep going in your life. “Makete Narumonoka”. I shall not lose or I shall never give up. This is the mind we need to train in kendo. Enjoy!

Podcast 148: My Thoughts to Pass Shodan Exam

In this episode of Kendo Podcast, I am sharing my thoughts to pass Shodan exam. I recently had an opportunity to be on a judging panel for shodan exam. I would like to share my thoughts with you.

If you haven’t checked out “Fast Track to Dan Exam for Adults” (members only) please do so.

Episode 147: Kendo for Youth vs Kendo for Adults

In this episode of Kendo Podcast, I am sharing the differences I think between kendo for youth and kendo for adults. Kendo is kendo but we need to do it differently. What should be different though? Find out.

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Episode 146: How to Empower the Kensaki of Your Shinai

Have you experienced fear from any sensei? They are just taking chudan (or jodan/nito) but you feel useless. That is the power of the kensaki. How can YOU have such powerful kensaki? Find out now!

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