Episode 142: Kendo One Rank Above

This episode is inspired by Kendo Jidai Magazine, January 2019 issue (No. 560).

I thought I scheduled this podcast to be posted on a certain date but obviously, I didn’t! Sorry about that! Hope you like this new and first podcast episode of 2019.

Episode 141: How to Deal with Those Who Strike Super Hard

In this podcast, I want to share my thoughts on how to deal with those who strike super hard. Recently one of the members here posted some pictures of her fist after training. It was all swollen and purple. People shouldn’t strike kote that hard, and they shouldn’t hit the fist!

People shouldn’t hurt others on purpose. That is just wrong.

Episode 140: How Do You Know When To Strike?

This episode is an answer to a great question by a long-time member, Ming. his question was “Must I strike my opponent as soon as he (she) crosses my striking distance, even when he(she) has not yet moved his(her) kensaki off the center? Because there is no opening, even when my opponent has crossed into my striking distance. “
Hope you enjoy this!

Episode 139: How to Acknowledge Ippon of Your Opponent in Jigeiko

Etiquette Issue! How do you acknowledge ippon of your opponent? Do you need to acknowledge your sensei or senpai? What is the right way?? Good questions!
Hope this helps you with your keiko!

Episode 138: How Should Adults Train Kendo?

Training hard is a good thing. But that is the baseline. Hard but how is more important for adults. Thanks to a member of this site, BH from RCN Kendo Club, I wanted to share my thoughts on how adults should train kendo. Hope this helps you too!