Episode 146: How to Empower the Kensaki of Your Shinai

Have you experienced fear from any sensei? They are just taking chudan (or jodan/nito) but you feel useless. That is the power of the kensaki. How can YOU have such powerful kensaki? Find out now!

Download a note in PDF format from here (Gold and Platinum members only) 

Episode 145: Abilities to Go Beyond – How a Top Athlete Challenges Himself

In this episode, I am sharing how a world top athlete challenges himself to fight other world competitors who are a lot stronger than he is. The athlete is Kōji Murofushi (Wikipedia), a former Japanese hammer thrower. 

I read his book, “超える力”, which I translated to “Abilities to Go Beyond“. I was interested in his training methods first and while researching him, I learned he wrote some books. This book is one of them. 

We can learn a lot from his experiences as a world top athlete. I hope you enjoy this podcast.


超える力:https://amzn.to/2SGiKb5 (As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)
Shu Ha Ri: https://www.kendo-guide.com/wisdom_shu_ha_ri.html

Episode 144: Understand the Differences in the Mechanisms

In this episode, I am talking about analyzing and understanding the differences in the mechanisms of the basic and the applied movements through reverse engineering. This is inspired by a couple of questions by Min, a long time member here, about my analysis on how an 8-dan sensei strike.