Episode 132: The 30th Anniversary of Sei Tou Ken Yu Kai Kendo Club and Thoughts on Future Kendo

In this episode, I am sharing my experience at the 30th Anniversary of Sei Tou Ken Yu Kai Canterbury Kendo Club and My thoughts on Future Kendo.



Episode 131: Strike or Not When Your Opponent is Unable to Fight

What would you do when your opponent is not able to fight because of the pains you caused him/her? Would you stop right there or would you hit him/her? The original question is located at Maximize Kendo Learning Experience.


Episode 130: Advice on Your Promotion Exam

Is your promotion exam coming up soon? Do you know what to do or how to prepare for your exam? Find out what you can do to train for your next promotion exam.


Episode 129: Self-Analysis

Adults, listen up! Self-analysis is important for us, adults. And we need always have something to work on in our training. You need to do the followings
  • Know your goal (what you learn in class),
  • Study the goal and create/hone the methods you come up with to achieve the goal. And
  • Do it at the keiko.
  • Get feedback
  • Repeat the same process
Inspired by featured articles on “self-analysis” from p.46, Kendo Jidai Magazine 2018 No. 556.


Episode 128: How To Utilize Kata to Shinai Kendo

What are these opportunities in kendo kata we are talking about? Have you thought about them? Why do we take jōdan in kata No.1 instead of chūdan, the basic stance in kendo?