Episode 127: The 17th World Championships

How did you like the Kendo World Championships? Liked it or not liked it? I think kendo will need to move on to the next level. For more kendo information visit at Kendo–Guide.Com and Subscribe to Kendo–Guide.Com for Updates.

Episode 126: Unfriendly Martial Art

Kendo is an unfriendly martial art. Some parts of me have already known that but I didn’t want to face it. It’s easy to ignore such thoughts but I want to take a moment and think about it.

The comment to the original post is seen here.

Episode 125: Applying Kendo Teachings to Your Daily Life

In this episode, I want to share how we can apply kendo teachings to our daily lives.

You can simply enjoy kendo as a sport. Or you can use kendo as your life guidance. OK, then how can you use kendo as a guidance of your life?

Episode 124: Difference between 1 kyu and 1 dan

I am sharing my thoughts on the difference between 1 kyu and 1 dan. In the podcast, I am seeing 1 dan to 3 dan as a preparation phase for 4 and 5 dan.
I hope you enjoy it.