Episode 120: 3 Elements for Your Kendo Study

Nakada Jun (7-dan) sensei talks about 3 elements for your kendo study in Kendo Jidai Magazine (p.38, No. f554, 2018 August issue). Some examples are from an article by Katsuhisa Yamashita (8-dan).
1. Kokoro no Tame: Tame of Kokoro 2. Kamae no Tame: Tame of Kamae 3. Jikan no Tame: Tame of Time
The explanation of kokoro is here. I will prepare non-ads video for the members. 

Episode 119: How to Learn Waza Part I

Click here to watch at YouTube. Learning waza is another hurdle for many. What I think we should do is to

  • know our striking distance
  • decide one technique to work on
  • work on it against lower grade holders, same level and higher grade holders.

Also make sure that you practice

  • the form of the technique
  • the techniques with your dojo mate without bogu

Click here for Part II.

Good luck!


Podcast 118: Condition Your Body for Kendo

Is your body ready to learn kendo? Make sure your body is up for learning kendo and improve your kendo as quickly as possible.

The video version is available for the members. 

These are the yoga videos I mainly follow.


Episode 117: Breaking Bad Habits and Creating New Habits

How can we develop good kendo as habits and remove your bad habits? This was live broadcasted on 6/27.

Ref: Smart Talk, Making Habits, Breaking Habits, Personal Coaching for Results 

Episode 116: Nito Camp

In this episode, I am sharing my experience in Nito Camp hosted by Idaho Kendo Club.
The video version is available at YouTube.