Kendo Podcast Episode 15: Effective Seme to Enjoy Kendo More

In this episode, the effective seme is talked about. If you learn what you can do to put pressure on your opponent, you can enjoy kendo more!

Article is read at Effective Seme @ Kendo-Guide.Com

Kendo Podcast Episode 13: Improving Your Kendo in Jigeiko and Shiai

In this episode, we are talking about how we can improve our kendo in jigeiko and shiai without distorting your posture.

It is very common that your beautiful basics are thrown out of window when you do jigeiko and shiai. Why do you think that is? Find out the reasons and how you overcome that!

Finally out! Thank you for being patient. My back is not quite there yet but it is getting better! I can sit and type now!