Kendo Podcast 12: Keep the Quality of Your Training High

Do you know what word we use in Japan for training, especially traditional arts like kendo? We use keiko. And do you know what that means? Find out the meaning of keiko and how to keep the quality of training high in this Kendo Podcast, episode 12. You might find this article useful. 

Kendo Podcast 11: First Break Through of Kendo

Have you felt anger or frustration in kendo? Good! Then you know how to become a super saiyan from Dagon Ball. People laugh at me when I say that but this analogy is so right. You need to go to another level and your emotion will help you with it.

Be angry and learn how to control it! How to do it? Listen to the podcast 🙂

Kendo Podcast 10: Legacy from Pre-War Kendo

Many kendo sensei are born after the World War II now. It’s been over 70 years since the WWII ended. And the number of sensei who received teachings from pre-war sensei is becoming less and less.

The Japanese society has been changed and with that kendo also has changed. But some things should not change, don’t you think?

I would like to share what kinds of teachings I have received  from a sensei who encountered many pre-war sensei and received teachings from them.

Kendo Podcast Episode 09: Training Kendo and Other Martial Arts at the Same Time

In this episode, I would like to talk about learning multiple martial arts at the same time. Upon the request from a patron, I am mainly talking about kendo and iaido. And I am sharing learning kendo and other martial arts at the same time.

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Kendo Podcast Episode 08:Legendary Toda sensei Talks About Shiai

In this episode, you are going to learn what legendary Toda sensei thinks about shiai, especially tsuba-zeriai.

Toda sensei is 77 years old and probably the last generation who were directly trained by pre-war senseis. And sensei from this generation has very similar views.

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